Air Valve

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Double and Single Orifice Air Valve

A range of air valves covering the requirements for both filling/emptying of the water main plus removal of accumulated air in normal service. manufacturered in ductile iron, these valves can be tailored to most applications.


Duvalco air valves for water applications are available in single or double configurations – either single large orifice, single small orifice or combined small and large orifice options. Single orifice air valves can be provided with an isolating cock or valve below the air valve body, and double orifice valves are fitted with an integral isolating valve. In all cases the float material is non-corrodible plastic and the general construction is of ductile iron. Pressure rating is PN16 and products are suitable for 50ºC working temperature.


Potable water compatible materials to BS 6920 EPDM seat to EN 681-1

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