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Duvalco was established in 1956 in the Netherlands to manufacture centerline rubber vulcanized butterfly valve for industrial applications, especially in the shipbuilding ballast water applications whereby high quality and robust design is required for the rough seawater ballast butterfly valve is used for.

Today, besides centerline butterfly valve, we design and produce standard valves like gate, check, air, ball, Hi performance butterfly valves and custom-made valves in accordance with international standards and customer’s requirements for many industries like water, wastewater, district cooling water, power plant cooling valves, chemical industries and pulp and paper.

Duvalco’s headquarters is in Netherlands and products are produced in Duvalco’s plant in Netherlands and China where quality is strictly monitored to ensure consistency of good valves is produced by the plants. Duvalco has adopted latest techniques in design and manufacturing in order to supply high quality products on time anywhere in the world.

Duvalco has sales and marketing offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore to serve its world-wide customers. It also has appointed distributors cum stockist in many countries so that its customers have access to Duvalco services and products.



To be a leading valve manufacturer and a preferred partner to the global industry. Ensuring customer satisfaction through our Quality Services and Products Provided by our team of Dynamic Professionals.



To be a World Leader in Valve Solutions.